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Testimonials - Sunrise Prosthetics & Orthotics Inc.

Sunrise Prosthetics and Orthotics - Worcester MA Milford MA - prostheses - orthoses - testimonialsI was a union roofer until my accident. I was on top of the world, so I thought. Just like anyone else I took life for granted. Nothing could stop me. The day of my accident was the day I thought life stopped. Soon after my accident I met Karen Lynch. A kind woman - very impressive with her knowledge if you will. She was the owner of Sunrise Prosthetics. When we first met I was in rough shape. She took me under her wing 150%. We both got to know and work with my amputation. She has given me the attention needed to reassure me that things will work. I was an active guy and she has helped me to become just as active as before. She has made my life easier being a new amputee. I'm now back to the gym, I'm fishing, and I'm seeing life in a whole new frame. Of course I have my ups and downs, but without Karen and Sunrise Prosthetics I can't even imagine where I'd be.

All in all my experience with Sunrise Prosthetics has been nothing more than a blessing. Karen has set me up with the I limb, she has set me up with any tools to get me along, and most importantly, she has given me hope. I would like to thank you Karen Lynch, President of Sunrise Prosthetics. You have a new friend.

Thank you very much
Rob Ducharme