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Prosthetics & Orthotics Process

Sunrise Prosthetics and Orthotics - Worcester MA Milford MA - prostheses - orthoses - Custom fabrication is our specialty and patient satisfaction our ultimate goal. There are a number of factors that go into achieving this goal. It starts with being a local company. We are located near to the physicians and patients we serve. We manufacture on site. This allows us to begin fabrication immediately and avoid delays in shipping, and also positions us to respond quickly to emergencies.

In addition to the benefits derived from being a local company, we have implemented a thorough patient-care process to ensure quality and the best possible outcomes:

  • Rx Obtained From Physician
  • All Initial Evaluations Done by a Certified Practitioner
  • Practitioner Contacts Physician As Needed
  • We Provide Necessary Paperwork to Physician
  • All Measurements/Casts Taken by Certified Practitioner (or Board Eligible Practitioner under Certified Practitioner)
  • All Prosthetic Models Modified by Certified Prosthetist
  • Orthotic Molds Modified by Experienced Technician or Certified Orthotist
  • Certified Orthotist or Prosthetist Checks All Positive Models Before Process Moves On to Finishing
  • Plastic, Metal and Finish Work Done by Experienced Technician
  • Certified Orthotist or Prosthetist Checks Finished Product Before Patient Contacted for Delivery
  • Certified Orthotist or Prosthetist Fits & Delivers All Devices
  • Certified Orthotist or Prosthetist Performs All Follow-up / Outcomes Measures